Monday, 2 May 2011

From the MCG to the Recreation Reserve...

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I couldn't help but smile on Saturday when we drove into the recreation reserve where my daughter was playing and umpiring netball. My daughter plays for a local team, who wear red and black, so again I was watching the Bombers play.
What a contrast.
Last week I was sitting behind the interchange bench at the MCG, one of 90,000 people watching Collingwood do battle with Essendon.
This week, I was at the footy again, only the interchange bench was a tin shed, the crowd was a fraction of the previous week's and instead of physios, fitness staff and endless trainers rushing after the players, parents carried drink bottles onto the oval  and stood by the coach with clipboards.
But the passion and love for the game was the same.
Mind you, this week, I paid scant attention to the football, and concentrated on the netball.
This week, the Bombers had a win.

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karen tayleur said...

Well you know I prefer red, white and blue, Sue!

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