Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Autumn and e-books...

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I worked as a teacher yesterday, which I always enjoy. While I was on yard duty, a poppet rushed up to me with an injury - well a scratch, but that's an injury to a Prep. Arms waving in the air, she explained she needed a Bandaid, because she'd... She stopped, arms mid-wave, and gasped. For a second I thought I'd underestimated the scratch, but then her face broke into a massive smile. She sighed and spun around, arms out wide. 'Look at all the colours. The leaves are beautiful!'
She was right, the leaves were the most beautiful colours - rust, magenta, olive, yellow and everything in between.
Bandaid applied, she skipped off to collect leaves to show her teacher after play. I took a little more notice of the leaves.I didn't ever find out what caused the scratch!
This chilly weather is perfect for reading. Finding Darcy, After and Dare You are all available at ebooks.com.


karen tayleur said...

wish you were my teacher, S

Sue Lawson said...

Thank you - but I reckon after an hour of me in the classroom, you'd rethink that!:)

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