Sunday, 15 May 2011

Librarians Rule!

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This week I had a quick visit to Star of the Sea in Gardenvale for the school's Library Week. What a terrific school! Gorgeous, warm, friendly staff and students and such a wonderful library. A huge thank you to Sabina, Julie and the gang in the library who spoilt me rotten - brownies and scones!

At Star of the Sea, I once again saw the importance of school libraries and librarians first hand. I am in awe of the staff's knowledge, dedication and passion to not only books, but to matching the right books with the right readers.

And yet sadly, more and more schools are phasing out librarians and library classes, leaving a room of books lacking the warmth, knowledge and passion needed to encourage students to not only read, but to LOVE reading.

In my youth I marched to Save The Whales, protest about uranium mining and nuclear weapons, stop the Franklin River from being dammed (and damned) and many other causes. Please tell me I don't need to dust off my overalls (it was the 80s), pin on Save School Librarian badges and march again!

As an aside, an unexpected bonus of my visit was renewing contact two old and dear friends, and then this morning an email from another, as a result of Tuesday. All people who are important to me, but I'd lost contact with. So Tuesday, was a busy day, but a ripper!


Claire said...

Last night at choir I sat next to a teacher from Star who said how lovely you were and how well the students responded to you!

Sue Lawson said...

Thanks Claire! How great to have feedback. The feeling is mutual - it was a great place to visit! How's that crystal kite?

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