Wednesday, 8 June 2011

When the muse strikes...

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Sunday I decided to make yo yo biscuits for my neighbours. Best batter consistency I've made, I swear. These were going to be sensational!

While I was kneading, rolling, and flattening, the muse struck, as it does, and my current work-in-progress called. I slipped the tray into the oven and bolted to the office.
Twenty minutes later, my daughter wandered out of her cave, sniffed, and said, 'What are you cooking?'

 On the up side, a friend who has chooks visited Monday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the giggle, Sue.

I can't think of a better reason for forgetting biscuits in the oven than the muse calling.

Such a shame though, your bikkies look such a perfect size and shape.

:) Chris

Sue Lawson said...

Sigh - I know Chris, the batter, the shape - never to be repeated I fear. Will post pictures if I am successful in my next attempt. IF!

Corinne Fenton said...

At least most of them were ok. I do the same thing with muffins (quite often lately) but sadly the muse is not always to blame. Sometimes it's just my brain feeling tired.

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