Friday, 10 June 2011

Of walks, edits and the Dalai Lama.....

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Yesterday was a full but rewarding day - an inspiring and productive editorial meeting and lunch with dear friends. If only I could have squeezed in one more coffee...
Today I'm back at the computer, editing. I love editing - this for me, is is where the story blossoms. But before I put red pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, I like to let the discussions and new ideas 'compost' as KT calls it.
A long walk, even when it's grey and icy, allows the pieces of our meeting to drift around my head and take shape, so that by the time I sit to edit, my brain is buzzing - in a good way. There's nothing like the combination of activity and gorgeous scenery to inspire. And there is always something new to see.
More inspiration tomorrow. I'm very excited to be going to hear the Dalai Lama speak in Melbourne - more travel, but more time with terrific people. I'm one lucky soul.

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