Friday, 24 June 2011

Tousle Me Gently Dog.

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 Milly the Cavoodle pads into the family room. I reach down to pat her.
'Milly feels soft.'
'Hmmm,' agrees husband. 'Soft and tousled.'
Dog snuffles to daughter and leaps onto her lap. 'Milly actually smells good. What did you wash her with?'
Husband/father shrugs and offers a 'durrr' face. 'Shampoo.'
'Thought we were out of dog shampoo,' says daughter.
Husband wiggles eyebrows.
In the shower this morning, I reached for the shampoo. The Tousle Me Gently bottle is empty. Apparently it works on dog's too!


Bernadette Kelly said...

I can relate. Have been guilty of something similar with a horse or two :)

Sue Lawson said...

Wish you'd seen his cheeky face!Thought he was very funny!

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