Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A trip to the zoo...

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My niece turned three this week, and as instructed, we didn't forget.
To celebrate, we spent the day at the Open Range Zoo, which is always a fabulous experience.
There is nothing like a child's excited face or squeal of joy at seeing a favourite animal. We strolled, marvelled, ate cake and gasped at the lioness snarling and rumbling behind the cyclone fence.

The cheetahs were less active than the lioness, reclining in the shade of a tree. Clearly they aren't always as docile.  Front and centre of the display lay the evidence of what happens when rabbit (or perhaps two) stray into the enclosure. 

The kids were oblivious.
Debris and a cheetah, just visible by the tree trunk, top left. 


Corinne Fenton said...

What a perfect place to spend the day with a 3 year old.

Sue Lawson said...

3 year-old, 18 month and 5 year-old. Think I enjoyed it more than they did! Had a ball - laughed lots!

Claire said...

Cheetahs: 30 second sprint at rooly fast speed. 23hour, 59 min 30 second sleepy recovery.

Sue Lawson said...

Perhaps I have cheetah genes - work hard for a while, swan around recovering???

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