Monday, 7 March 2011

Definition of old...

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As well as writing, I work as a casual relief teacher. I've spent a couple of days teaching, which is always enlightening.
Today I discovered the definition of old while on yard duty.
I stopped to talk to a prep student sitting on top of the slide. This bright little poppet wanted to know my name.
'Sue,' I replied.
 'There was a Sue at my kinder. She helped us.' She looked me up and down. 'She was old too.'
I'm always intrigued to know what kids class as old, so I asked, 'Older than me?'
The little girl nodded earnestly, her sunhat slipping around her head. 'Oh yes. She was very old with curly grey hair. I think...' She scrunched up her face. 'Actually, I don't know how old she was but she was OLD. About 20 or something.'
So there you have it - 20 is very old. I didn't stay to ask how old she thought I was.


danielle said...

hi hows things :D i really like your site! reading this made me laugh and reminded me of a similar experience i had while working at the child care center. three girls, four years of age, were playing in the sandpit making "cakes". i asked the first girl "what flavour cake are you making" to which she replied "im making a chocolate cake". i played along with the game and asked the second girl the same question, "mines strawberry flavoured" she replied. with great enthusiasm i asked the third girl "and what flavour is your cake, is it chocolate too"?..."its sand stupid" was her reply. haha i shall never forget this!! ~ Danielle pole xx

Sue Lawson said...

Hey Danielle,
Kids have a way don't they! Great to hear from you - hope life is treating you well! x

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