Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First school visit for the year...

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Yesterday I had my first 'author' visit for 2011. I worked with Year 5 and 6 students at St Aloysius, Redan on ways to make ideas flow and ways to then develop the ideas into stories. One of my favourite things about school visits is watching the students go from fearful and disinterested to buzzing with excitement. That is something special to see.
The students at Redan are a sensational, enthusiastic bunch who came up with such varied and clever ideas.
Can't wait to return in a few weeks
From now on the school bookings come thick and fast and I'm thrilled to have been asked to be part of the Melbourne Writer's Festival.


Sheryl Gwyther said...

Half your luck, Sue! Mine were like hens' teeth last year - although I did do a 4 days stint out in western Queensland doing writing classes with adults (for a change). It was fabulous!

Sue Lawson said...

I know Sheryl, I am so lucky and love it! Classes with adults are sensational too. Hoep the bookings pick up - they are missing out on a great experience with you!!

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