Wednesday, 9 March 2011

From Butterflies to Jemima

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My daughter turns 17 today. While icing her birthday cake this morning, I got to thinking about the changes and constants over those fantastic 17 years.

Her love of worms has vanished, completely.

Hi5, Elmo and Barbies have been replaced with Florence and The Machine,  Flights of the Concord and Taylor Lautner.

Dale Thomas is still 'the best', I'm still not funny, can't sing or dance and her dad still has the ability to reduce her to a giggling mess with a word.
And the biggest thing that hasn't changed is how much we both love her, more than we ever thought possible.

The other thing I pondered while icing was how I could track her develop via the cakes I've made.
A number one, a caterpillar, a stage complete with ballerinas, Jemima (my personal favourite and triumph!) butterfly, teddy, whale, mermaid, Tweety, ice cream cake (x2) and a run of 'piniata' cakes (they drove me insane!).
So what does a 17 yo request?
A carrot cake.
Yep she's a young lady now.

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