Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What the...

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10.30 pm - snuggled under doona, house still, eyelids heavy. Daughter and friend staying over quiet - DVD quiet. All is well.
 Deaf-ear piercing scream.
Banging, thumping, thudding.
More screaming.
Roof collapse?
Homicidal, axe wielding maniac at the window?
Riotous laughter.
'Want me to get it?'
Giggle giggle. Scream.
'I'm right Mum.'
Scream, thud, bump, slam, gasp, swear - repeat for 30 minutes.
Husband, who refused to be stereotypical and rush to the rescue, swears harder and louder, flings back the doona and storms to the room of fear.
House-shaking thud.
Hurrumphs back to bed. 'It's dead now.'
Calm descends once more - punctured by giggles.

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