Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy New Year!

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The last few months have been amazing in so many ways.
We headed to Europe, which was incredible! Everywhere we went - Rome, Florence, Milan, Lucerne, Paris and London - were amazing, but if I had to pick a highlight, at gunpoint - Rome! The noise, people, humour, traffic, age, style - WOW! Probably has something to do with my Italian ancestry.
Learnt a few things overseas too!
1. Always cross roads in Romes with locals, or nuns. Nuns = best option.
2. Don't step on the grass at the Vatican.
3. Italians love noise. (That's my excuse for being loud!)
4. Smoking in Europe is very common.

5. Hawkers in Paris are very fast runners when pursued by police on bikes.
6. Escargots make sixteen-year-old dry retch.
7.In conflict between lift and tour guide - lift wins.
8. Motorbike riders in Malaysia are more dangerous than Roman traffic.
9. Haggling is not fun.
10. I can't wait to go back!
Now to finish my work in progress!

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