Monday, 24 January 2011

After the rain...

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The recent summer rains have caused devastation all over the country, but where I live, the impact has been on the frog population.A few nights ago, I went outside to the car to retrieve my handbag, only to find the front of the house covered in dozens of frogs as big as my fingernail. The were on the sliding doors, the bricks, under the door mat. The joint was jumping!Driving home after a night with friends can be tricky, and it has nothing to do with alcohol. Our street was alive with frogs of all sizes. I crawled down the street, going under 5km, and think I avoided squishing any.
At night, the frogs' croaks drown out the crickets. There's nothing like lying in bed, listening to their chorus.
Frogs - they are amazing! The down side is - the snakes that eat them. So far, none of those. Fingers crossed!
I think this little guy on the wall  is a Southern Brown Tree Frog.

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