Friday, 28 January 2011

Of frights and laughter.

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This morning, while drying my hair, my hairdryer exploded. There were sparks, smoke and flickering lights. My brain stopped. I dropped the dryer, jumped back, uttered the weirdest word - but I can't remember in what order. Maybe I did all three at once. 
The amazing thing is, though my mind when blank, I can remember two things.
1. The look on my face.
I happened to catch my reflection as it happened. Who knew my face could contort in such a way.
2. The word I said.
I invented a new word. Woashck. Actually, now I think about it, maybe it's three words compressed.
Anyway, the moment my brain started to work again, I collapsed into fits of giggles.
Yes I am one of those people who laughs in the face of terror.
Don't trip, fall, scream on a roller coaster, stumble, get a fright, hit your head etc in front of me because I will laugh. I care, truly I do, but I can't help laughing. I promise though that behind the laughter I'm genuinely concerned. I just can't help laughing. However, when it comes to the serious stuff I don't laugh - though I might chuckle afterwards.
Pretty sure it's genetic. My daughter does the same thing.

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