Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Of libraries...

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It's a no brainer. I'm an author and I love books. I have five bulging bookcases to prove it.
Apart from loving books, I have a vested interest in them again as an author and as a teacher, so it's not surprising I've ranted about the importance of bookshops, school libraries and school librarians before. All are essential. Full stop!
A new threat to books has emerged, and frankly, I'm as mad as hell about it.
The Victorian Government plans to cut funding to public libraries.What is the deal with that? (Yes, I am shouting!)
Isn't it enough that school libraries are shrivelling? That access to books, particularly in regional areas, is diminishing? And wasn't one of the key arguments for cutting school library funding that students could access books and information at the local library?
Okay - breathe -  in and out.
There are plenty are reasons why libraries are vital and why funding should be at the very least maintained, which you can access here, so I won't rehash them, suffice to say, libraries are vital.
Not convinced? Visit your local library and just notice the activity.
Every Monday evening, while my daughter is being tortured (piano lessons - her choice, mind you!) I go to the local library to study for forty-five minutes and borrow books. The place is always buzzing - people reading newspapers, borrowing books, accessing the Internet, reading to their children, studying or just chatting. The age range of those there is enormous.
Compare that to the myriad of vacant and unused 'projects' that governments and councils have poured money into. Put simply, money spent on libraries is money well spent.
Let's hope sanity prevails and that  funding is at the very least maintained.

Like our school libraries, public libraries are vital - please offer your support.
 Facebook page - Save Our Libraries
Join the Save Our Libraries - Fairer Funding Campaign.

Rant over!

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Corinne Fenton said...

Here, Here!!! No I mean HERE!!!! HERE!!!!! I can't believe I'm the first comment on this. A world without books and libraries is unimaginable. Thank you for getting me into action.

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