Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Inge - An inspiration...

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Yesterday I attended my dear friends' mother and mother-in-law's funeral. The first time I met Inge, about 27 years ago,I was struck by her warmth, generosity and strength. She was such a genunine woman. When she asked how you were, she truly wanted to hear the answer. 
As I grew to know her better and witness her in action as a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, I discovered bits and pieces about her past, but none of these she ever mentioned herself. Her family shared her stories. Some of the stories were hysterical. Others broke my heart. Yet, I can't remember her ever complaining, though I know she would have. She was, after all, human. She never even hinted at the pain she had endured.
Inge and her husband fled their homes during World War II and then their country. Displaced, they arrived in Australia with very little, if anything. Inge had tremendous empathy for refugees.
Through hard work and love, she and her husband created a loving home for their family, and yesterday that love shone through. Of course there were tears, but there was incredible love, warmth and gratitude for this inspirational woman. Knowing Inge, albeit only a little, I understand why.
She wasn't a large woman, but her heart was huge and the impact she had on those she met simply enormous.
I shall miss hearing the stories about Inge's latest struesel or knowing that she will be fussing over my godson and his gorgeous sister when they need it, but, like them, I am all the richer for having met Inge.
Our almond tree burst into blossom, yesterday.


Sheryl Gwyther said...

Lovely words, Sue. Thank you for posting it. :) ♥

Sue Lawson said...

Pleasure Sheryl. Inge was one of a kind.

Corinne Fenton said...

This is attempt number two - now I have to remember what I said last time (it was good too!!!!)
Beautiful. Makes you realise that life is for living and we need to leave something good behind so we'll be remembered.
Thank you for sharing your tears.

Sue Lawson said...

Of course it was good! Thanks Corinne - if I could leave a fraction of what Inge left I'd be happy!

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