Monday, 29 August 2011

Day One - Melbourne Writer's Festival Regional Tour

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Today was the first day of the Melbourne Writer's Festival Regional Tour, with the fantastic Patrick Cronin, who is keeping us in line.

Our first visit was to Kyneton where Kirsty Murray, Chris Morphew, Heath McKenzie and I ran workshops and talks in the Town Hall. What a sensational building and what amazing supportive staff - thank you!
Students from Candlebark and Kyneton Secondary College attended and were full of great ideas and enthusiasm. My group created characters - some deranged, others lonely and a few homicidal - the characters, not the students!

Tomorrow it's on to Drysdale, a truly lovely part of the state. Naturally I've told the others how wonderful the place and the students are. Wish we had time for a visit to Loam. Now that is a restaurant to visit!

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