Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 2 - Melbourne Writers' Fesitval Regional Tour

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...of potatoes, vampires and Harry P...
A huge thank you to the Geelong Regional Library and Drysdale Potato Shed staff for a full, but fantastic day of sessions. Drysdale is a favourite haunt of mine where school visits are always fabulous, and today was no exception. We covered ends and beginnings (even though I couldn't spell beginnings this morning - who knows what was going on there!), inspiration and planning and even touched on gastro (they asked for it!).
Thank you to all the students for laughing at the right times, listening, sympathising about Dale Thomas' 2 week ban and asking great questions.
Kirsty and Chris's discussion about the merits of Harry Potter and Twilight was a highlight. Special hi to the Warrnambool crew from Emmanuel!
Photos to come - thanks Heath! Struggling with internet connection at our motel. I'm currently ensconsed in the library.
Tomorrow we travel to Wangaratta for an adult session and more talks.

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