Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day Five - Melbourne Writers' Festival - Regional Tour.

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 Okay, so strictly speaking, I'm home and the Regional Tour ended two days ago, but I haven't blogged about our last day in Frankston.
Talks and workshops were held in the Performing Arts Centre and the Frankston library, where I worked with tremendous Yr 5/6 students in the 'long room' (not to be confused with the MCC long room!).
The students were fantastic and we covered beginnings and ends and lots in between. The visit was a great way to wrap up a rewarding week. How lucky am I to have had the opportunity to work with Heath McKenzie, Kirsty Murray, Chris Morphew, the unflappable Patrick Cronin and the students and staff from Kyneton, Drysdale,  Wangaratta and Frankston? Thank you!

Miscellaneous Highlights:
  • Enthusiastic, interested students and teachers.
  • Smooth travels and sessions - thanks to Patrick and the organisers.
  • Cess pit photo opportunity by the Hume.
  • Kirsty and Heath's Twilight and Harry Potter discussion.
  • Dinner at Jack and Jill's Geelong.
  • Kirsty Murray's incredible intellect and generosity.
  • Heath McKenzie's humour, observations and discoveries in road houses.
  • Chris Morphew's humour, passion and willingness to sit in the back seat!
  • Showing off an a stage (hard to believe but true!)
  • Indian food in Wang.
  • iPads
  • sunshine!
On a Frankston Library shelf...

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