Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day Four - Melbourne Writers' Festival Regional Tour

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This amazing gumtree was on the nature strip outside our motel. The branch scoops down to the footpath, and appears to be the perfect spot to sit and watch the Wangaratta traffic go by.
Our sessions today were at the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre - a terrific venue. The children from local schools were so enthusiastic, fun and clever. They even laughed at the right bits - and honestly I didn't mean to nearly kill my brother - how were we to know chasing mice in the barn would make him puff up like a balloon? Sorry Anthony!

Heath and I gave today's talks on the stage, and both of us admitted that being in such a great venue, on a stage made us show off, just a little more!
Thank you to everyone - Jemma, Loueen etc etc, for making our visit so much fun!
Patrick our fantastic guide who has made the trip so easy and smooth and Heath checking out Indian beer at dinner last night. Great food - good beer! 

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