Thursday, 14 July 2011

Harry Potter - 'tis done.

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Armed with a sleeping bag and sustenance, my daughter went to the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. She is a massive Harry Potter fan, having read the books about 'twenty times each' she thinks, and watched each of the movies about the same number of times. She came home from the film both sad and thrilled. Sad that the story had come to an end, but thrilled with the final film.
So, last night I trundled off to watch it myself, filled with a little trepidation for two reasons. One, I had cried buckets when I read the book (the Snape bit and when Harry is about to enter the Forbidden Forest) - how was I going to cope with the film? And  two, I was worried the film wouldn't live up to all the hype.
I needn't have worried. I loved the film and yes, I cried at the same spots  (I'm being cryptic just in case you've managed to avoid all spoilers).
After the movie, I've reflected on not only the film makers', actors' etc skill, but again at the imagination and talent of JK Rowling. What an amazing story filled with tremendous characters.
Harry Potter and co will stay with us for generations not only in film, but most importantly, in books.
My daughter is going to make her kids read the whole series - before they see the DVDs. Children are a long way off in her grand plan, so I'm going to hold her to that assertion!

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