Friday, 18 February 2011

Writing Spaces

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I've been thinking about writing spaces this morning, prompted by two posts by friends. Karen Tayleur wrote about claustrophobia and the need for a view (quoted the brilliant Police, so it's all good) another friend, Michael Gerard Bauer posted a picture of his old writing space. So what makes a great space for me?
I'd so love a Kiki K office, but as hard as I try, my desk always ends up covered in bits and pieces.
Photos, notes, Snoopy, Collingwood stuff, including the last remaining patch from my old duffle coat (Mum burnt it, thanks for asking. I'd rather not discuss it.), CDs, cartoons, notes from my daughter and cards. Yep, it's a mess, but everything on and around it is important.
Every time I finish a project, I clear the decks and redo the noticeboards and desk, but in no time, it's cluttered again. Chaos right? Not at all! I can lay my hand on everything that I need and look out if anyone moves anything or adds to my debris - it's ordered chaos.
As for windows, I have a view onto olive trees, a peppercorn and the rooftop of a national trust building, plus and expanse of sky. If I stand up, it's not so attractive - neighbour's Hills Hoist!
I guess the key to it is to create a space that works for you.
Can you spot the patch from my old duffle coat?


Sheryl Gwyther said...

Enjoyed reading a bit more about your space, Sue - and your life.
Like you, I clear my workroom space after finishing a project (usually I'm not finished at all but I won't digress), it allows a lovely feeling of starting fresh. And yes, alas, it all ends up a clutter again in a short while. But, thankfully, now I have the habit of, as soon as I sit in front of the computer I can start work. (That's if I can resist the temptation of checking emails and Facebook!)

Sue Lawson said...

Thanks Sherly - hmmm that clutter business - I do try to keep the space in front of the screen clear. Having said that, you should see it today!

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