Monday, 7 February 2011


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We have a crazy cavoodle called Milly. She's the cleverest dog we've owned and that includes the dogs we had as kids. Milly is sweet, adores my husband above all others and is prone to fits of neuroses.
My husband has trained Milly well - she fetches, plays dead, walks at your heel, rolls, high fives etc. He also taught her table etiquette - well dog etiquette. Milly must sit, then wait until given the command 'eat' before she can eat. The command is usually issued after the food has been put away.
Simple system. Except...
This morning, I fed Milly. Told her to sit, and took the food back inside. I had a Dory moment and saw a shiny thing and became preoccupied.
When I returned to the kitchen, about half an hour later, and looked out the window, there was Milly, still sitting, staring at her breakfast.
Ooops! I forgot to say eat!
Clever dog, huh? Not so clever owner.
She's been allowed inside while I write today!

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