Tuesday, 18 November 2008

November already?

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This year has just flown! I've visited so many schools, met terrific people and had a ball.
A few weeks ago I spent the day in beautiful Balmoral. It was Halloween and the primary kids were dressed up. Now let me tell you, giving an author talk to a room full of ghouls, ghosts, witches, Harry Potters and assorted freaks was, well, a freaky experience.
The secondary guys were dressed normally, thank goodness - enough of the witches and ghouls! - and were a fantastic help with research questions . Thanks to Paul especially and the rest of the crew. I wrote pages of notes after talking to you!
Apart from school visits, I'm working on my next novel, which I'm excited about, and I've been reading heaps.
Have you read Digger J Jones yet? It's fantastic! I laughed out loud and read bits to my husband and daughter. Find it and read it. You'll love it - and it's a fantastic insight into race relations in Australia in the 60s.

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