Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Merry Christmas - nearly...

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I've just been Christmas shopping and not surprisingly most of the gifts I've bought are books!
I had intended on giving my daughter the Twilight series for Christmas...but after her amazing school report, we decided to give her the first book early - that was a week ago. She's now read all four books three times and I suspect has started them a fourth . So much for that Christmas gift.
Now I get the 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' thing and when she relinquishes her hold on them, I'm looking forward to reading them, too.
In the 80s (the olden days!!), there was a vampire film called The Lost Boys. I loved it!! Owned the soundtrack, watched the video again and again, and still quote lines from it. Tragic aren't I? Anyway, with the release of Twilight, I decided to watch it again last week. Apart from the seriously scary mullets, it's as good as it was. Sure, cheesy, but terrific fun. My daughter enjoyed it too. Of course, between introducing her to The Lost Boys and The Young Ones, I am in danger of turning her into an 80's tragic.
As for reading, again I've been nostalgic. Years ago I read a Ken Follet book, Pillars of the Earth, which I loved. For my birthday I received the sequeal World Without End and am loving that - the baddies are so bad, the history fascinating and the priory...well that's a whole other story. Worth the read though.
Once I'm finished with that it's Twilight!

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