Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Montevideo Maru - Finding Bill!

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In my book, Finding Darcy, Darcy explains to her family that she doesn't care how her great-grandfather died, she cares how he lived.
Darcy's words are my feelings - after years of silence, I feared who my grandfather was had been lost to us. That has changed in the last few weeks.
Last week I did an interview with ABC Local Radio about Finding Darcy. We talked about not only the book, but about the 2/22nd Battalion, the sinking of the Montevideo Maru and my grandfather, Bill McLennan, who died aboard the ship. I mentioned in passing that Bill was from Stanhope, Victoria.
As a result of the interview, I'm now in contact with a man from Stanhope who is compiling information about the Stanhope residents who died during World War II, and so about Bill.
I know now he captained the 1935 Stanhope footy side, where the family farm was and best of all, there are a few old people around who still remember him.
So I guess now, I'm finding Bill!

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