Monday, 5 March 2012

Happy Launch Day!

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With my daughter turning 18 this week (very exciting times!) I've been preoccupied with sourcing gifts, finalising celebrations and all things organisational. I bustled home today, my brain bulging with things to do, and stopped at the mail box. Inside was a 'Happy Publication Day!' card from the Walker Crew, the back signed by the many people who helped make this book happen. That's right - it's March and Forget Me Not hits the bookstores today.

So much effort by so many people goes into the publication of a book, so publication day sure is something to be celebrated. I stood and read the card, overcome by immense gratitude, excitement and wonder.

After a few moments reflection, I returned to my to do list - and added 'Check on arrangements for Forget Me Not launch on April 1'.


Celine said...

Congratulations, Sue and Happy Publication Day! I absolutely can't wait for the blog tour!! Everyone go grab a copy of Sue's newest and latest book! ♥

Sue Lawson said...

Thanks heaps, Celine. Yep blog tour is happening late March - it will be a hoot! See you then, Celine. ;)

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