Sunday, 26 February 2012

Staying Focused.

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To quote an old dear I chatted to in the supermarket line yesterday, 'funny old summer!'
One morning last week was so chilly, I considered turning on the heater. Today, I'm in my office frantically finishing off odds and ends before the heat forces me to retreat to the air conditioned family room with my iPad.
The problem being?
Yesterday in the 39 degree heat, instead of finishing off the very things I am working on today, I escaped to the family with my iPad with full intentions of working through my 'to do' list. After I watched Australian Stories on iView (For research of course, and to warm up to the idea of working!). That turned out to be a two parter, and it was so compelling, I just had to watch part two. By the end of that, which was a harrowing story, I needed a laugh before I could concentrate on work, so I watched an episode of IT Crowd. Now I was ready.
But, before I started, I needed to warm up my brain, and what better way to do it than with a quick game of  Chickionary, a word game my friend very introduced me to, knowing full well I have a problem with game addiction. (Only word and card games!)
By the time I'd finished that - okay, so I played more than one game, it was time to think about cooking dinner.
 So guess what I am doing today? Sweating it out in my office, trying to breathe oxygen from the cotton-wool-like air while I work through that list. 
The worst part is, I spent Friday  emphasising (that's teacher talk for 'raving on at my class') the importance of staying focused. Ahem.
On the upside, I have now ticked off everything on my list of things to do and even a few of tomorrow's jobs.
 So now, I can retire to the family room to continue my work...after I watch that episode of Ab Fab!

Before I go, proof I can focus, the Forget Me Not launch is organised!
Join us, on this 100 year anniversary of theTitanic's sinking, at The Titanic Restaurant, Williamstown on April 1 at 1.30pm.
Forget Me Not will be launched by Red Dog Books' and former Black Dog Books' publisher, Andrew Kelly.
RSVP - March 16 -
 Books availabe for sale through Book And Paper, Williamstown
Hope to see you there...if I can tear myself away from my iPad! ;)


Kaye Baillie said...

Hi Sue
Yes there are often things that must take place before we are in that space. This morning I swept out the cat house and aired all their rugs etc, we cleaned out the rabbit house and now instead of feeding the two hungry children I am checking twitter. Might find time this afternoon to have a look at my novel plan and scene structure. Enjoy your launch. Excellent.

Sue Lawson said...

Good luck with getting to your novel plan, Kaye. At least your distractions were productive!! As for children - while you now prepare lunch for them, you'll be able to chat about all the things you discovered on twitter.

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