Saturday, 31 December 2011

Things I am grateful for this year...

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I'm not a big one for new year celebrations. I try (!) to approach each day, and if desperate, each hour as a fresh beginning, rather than seeing the changing of years as a time to make changes. I say try, as it doesn't always work.

No matter what my day has been like, I take time each evening to reflect on things I am grateful for. I decided on New Year's Eve I should reflect on just a few of the writerly things I am grateful for in 2011.
  • Generosity, laughter and support from friends and family
  • Enthusiastic and supportive students and teachers.
    •  Melbourne Writer's Festival Regional Tour

    • Supportive & generous fellow children's and y.a. authors and bloggers.
    • Talented and hardworking editors - Mab!
    • New editions and new books
    • Time and a place to write
    • Inspiration 

    And then there are all the incredible things in my non-professional life that I am truly grateful for...
    I am a very lucky person.
    Wishing you much peace, happiness and abundance in 2012.

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