Thursday, 22 December 2011

A huge thank you!

Best Blogger Tips
Phew - the Pan's Whisper Blog Tour is done and dusted.
Enormous thanks to Jenny at Walker Books and the fabulous bloggers who have been so warm, welcoming and generous.
Claire Saxby - Let's Have Words
Emma - Bookseller's NZ
Shirely Marr - Books on Mars
Steph Bowe -Hey! Teenager of the Year
Sue Whiting - All in the Telling
Dee White - Kids' Book Capers
Michael Earl- Little Elf Man's Random Thoughts
Anna - Cherry Banana Split
I've had a fantastic time and hope you've enjoyed it too!
Merry Christmas generous bloggers and here's to a ripper 2012!
I have bird issues! My new bird for my Christmas tree.

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