Monday, 31 October 2011

Notes from the weekend...

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While many people spent this long weekend (in Victoria) sweating over what to wear to the Melbourne Cup or camping, or gardening, I travelled to a peaceful country home to spend the weekend writing, sharing and laughing with dear friends.

Today I've been working my way through my 'things to follow-up' list - emailing links, investigating booksellers, making phone calls, updating files, tweaking manuscripts and grinning at jokes that drift back at unexpected moments.

So many things were confirmed, learnt and shared over such a short space of time.
  •  Hummingbird cake tastes even better when shared with friends.
  • My friends' generosity has no limits.
  • Eugene, mooching and moths had to go.
  • Wood heaters are particularly effective.
  • Book launches are important.
  • Talking helps ease pain and burdens.
  • Feedback is invaluable.
  • Dongles are...well, just dongles!
  •  Each of us approaches our craft in unique ways.
  • Friends are truly life's treasures.
  • Hearing about and looking at pictures of African horse-riding safaris and Australian 4wd holidays has given me itchy feet.
  • Always wear shoes if trekking in the dark to an outside toilet. (Snails don't squish, they scrunch and slime under your foot! Perhaps that is the real reason for my itchy feet!)
  • Four laptops charging at once doesn't cause a power grid meltdown.
  • And - I can't wait for our next weekend away!
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Gabrielle Wang said...

Sue, sounds like you three had a beautifully rewarding, enriching and inspiring weekend full of fun and laughter (except for outside dunnies and squishy snails that is)

Friends... who would we be without them.
Gabi xx

Sue Lawson said...

Absolutely Gabi - it was fantastic and I can't imagine where I would be without these girls!

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