Thursday, 7 April 2011

A favourite...

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A recent visit from my niece and nephew had me rummaging through my 17 year-old's bulging bookshelf for a book to read to them. Wedged between Alison Lester and Mem Fox was The Grumpalump.
The sight of it filled me with memories.
Before  my daughter started school, this was her favourite book. She insisted we read and read and re-read it night after night, to the point my husband I could, and probably still can, recite it. Even now we use  'the bear stared' ( a repeated line throughout the story) as part of our family's vocabulary.
 So it was like visiting an old friend when I read it to my niece and nephew. I  was thrilled to discover I still loved reading it as much as I did all those years ago, and even better, the kids enjoyed it too.

A few days later, I saw a quiz or question, possibly on Facebook - 'What is your favourite book to read aloud?'
For me, it's The Grumpalump, hands down. ...And the gnu flew...
What is your favourite book to read aloud?


Corinne Fenton said...

Oh the memories! Our house favourite here was 'Hattie and the Fox' (I'm rummaging for it now because I have claimed it from my young adults - as useful reference material).
Got it.
By Mem Fox Illustrated by Patricia Mullins.
I used to recite it in my sleep I'm certain, especially the refrain - 'Goodness gracious me!.'
Published 1986, the year Briana was born but Wade certainly enjoyed it too.
Thanks for the memories Sue.

Sue Lawson said...

Oh Hattie! It was while reading that to Court I discovered she could read! Frightened the hell out of me as I'd never tried to push the issue. Just proved how important reading to kids is!
Gawd - 1986 - I was still in radio being silly (sillier! ;)

karen tayleur said...

Hi Sue
Amanda Pig - I think it was a French book - four little illustrated stories - in each book. Used to read it to Caity at bedtime - favourite was when Amanda and her mother do a role swap and Amanda puts her mum to bed... (Goodnight, Sweet Potato)

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