Thursday, 5 April 2012

Final Day

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Today is the final day of the Forget Me Not Blog tour and to wrap up an amazing two weeks, I'm visiting Michelle at Novels on The Run to chat about the writing process. Michelle has also reviewed Forget Me Not. Thanks Michelle for the gorgeous review!

It's been a blast visiting so many fantastic blogs and talking about such a range of topics within the one I love most - writing!

Huge thanks to the Jenny at Walker Books for organising everything and to the generous bloggers who hosted the tour:
The very funny and gorgeous Michael at Little Elf Man's Random Thoughts
The passionate and energetic, Sheryl Gwyther's
Author and reviewer, Tara Calaby
The delightful Celine at Forget Me Not
Author of fabulous Fury and Preloved, Shirly Marr
The crew and reviews at Booksellers NZ
And of course, Michelle, who I owe a carton of tissues, at Novels on the Run

What a week - the Forget Me Not launch (photos below), Pan's Whisper a CBCA Older Readers' Notable book, a fantastic blog tour, my dear friend's birthday today and school holidays!

Now back to reality and finishing that assignment and working on my next book.
All set - Titanic Theatre Restaurant

Corinne Fenton a creative soul!

Posing as it starts

Authors - Bernadette Kelly and Carole Wilkinson

Authors - Karen Tayleur and Claire Saxby

Publishers and editors - Maryann Ballantyne and Andrew Kelly


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