Friday, 1 October 2010

Grand Final - again...

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Okay, so it's time to fess up to my major issue - footy, actually, to be specific Collingwood.
My grandfather was a big Collingwood fan and because I thought he was Christmas on a stick, I followed his lead and supported the Maggies.
As a kid, my bedroom was covered in Collingwood posters (and Sherbet posters - incidentally, Daryl Braithwaite barracks for Collingwood - just saying!), I cried in the 70s and early 80s - enough said - rejoiced in 1990 and as for early 2000...
I wore a decorated duffle coat and watching training. I know - tragic.
And here I am, years later, and I still love my footy. I've moved on from Craig Stewart (whose number was on the back of my duffle coat) and Michael Christian to Harry O and Heath Shaw. And thanks to Heath, I realise I am now seriously old. Why was it Heath Shaw that made me realise that? Well, when I was a teenager I had a poster of his father, Ray, on my wall.
On Saturday, this old woman will be cheering like crazy and hoping that the angst will pay off!But no matter what the result, I know my major issue will be as strong as ever.
Go Pies!

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