Monday, 26 March 2007

Chasing Boys and Divas go OS

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My friend, Karen Tayleur has a new young adult book, Chasing Boys coming out in May. I've read the chapter extracts and have to say I can't wait to keep reading.
You can check out the chapter extracts from Chasing Boys at

My other huge news, which Karen gave me today, is that the first books in The Diva series are being published in America. Very exciting news!


Anonymous said...

Sue Lawsons books are great. I really love the diva series. The Diva Series are funny, interesting and lots more. For the people who are reading this should really try and borrow or get one of Sue Lawsons books right now!SUE LAWSON IS A GREAT AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw this book in the libary but wanst sure if i should borrow it.I was stuck between allie mcgregors true clours or chasing boys. i ended up getting the allie mcgregor book. i havn't finshed it yet but i can't wait to get started on another. Sue lawson is a great author!

Sarah,- 13

Sue Lawson said...

Hi Sarah,
thanks for your comments. You'll love Chasing it next!!

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